Got An Unsolved Case? Don't know where to turn? 

We are here to Help Solve The Case! 

It's a staggering number which is very sad but true. And the number increases every day. 

Cases usually go unsolved or "cold" because law enforcement is overworked, underfunded 
and does not have the resources to give each case the attention it deserves, especially 
when a suspect may not be immediately identifiable. 

Mistakes happen but they may be preventable through unbiased eyes, ever changing 
science and attitudes about the justice system.

Cases can start to go sideways before or after the arrest and wrongful convictions may be prevented 
pre-trial in the criminal defense phase or after conviction in 
the post-conviction (PCR) phase.

It's a horrible situation and we aim to change that. 
Because no one should have to be a victim and then become victimized by the system too.

DNA doesn't lie, but suspects usually do. It can sometimes be the same with parents or grandparents. 
We have been utilizing DNA since 2017 to solve family relationship puzzles for adoption and NPE 
status and extend that to law enforcement to identify suspects in active and cold cases.

Just as everyone should know where they come from and their name, our victims deserve justice and 
to identify the perpetrator. DNA does that for us and we can help you.


We provide the services of law enforcement trained licensed private investigators who volunteer their 

time to work on these cases or work at seriously reduced rates. 

Because people are not statistics.

We believe that four eyes are better than two and a million are even better. We partner with 

trained volunteer civilian virtual investigators to assist in these cases. Not only do they have 

a passion for helping, they also donate funds to help you and your loved ones get justice.

We partner with sponsors for donations in kind and funding to offset 

the costs of investigation, travel, supplies and testing.


We ask that you consider funding a police officer's tuition to our Genetic Genealogy For Law Enforcement Training. Our goal is 32 paid training spots for 3Q21.

There are over 18,000 police departments in the US with over 1,000,000 officers*. 

We also have a staggering number of unsolved cold cases, with the numbers continuing to grow each year. With Genetic Genealogy we have a brand new way to fight crime and find suspects and each officer or at minimum, each police department, should have these tools at their disposal.

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