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Help us Help Solve The Case by listening and sharing our Podcasts. In our podcasts our Investigators, Virtual Investigators and Cold Case Specialists discuss the case and where we are going to go to solve them!

Help Solve The Case 

This is our regular weekly podcast where our investigators, victims and loved ones go online to get help and Help Solve The Case. We aim to get the word out and see if we can provide assistance to these folks seeking justice. If you have a case you would like featured, please use our Contact Us page.

Robert William Fisher

Fisher is wanted for the killing of his wife and two children. He is currently on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted list. In this podcast we discuss our theories as well as go over the entire initial police report. More information on Mr. Fisher can be seen on our Cases page and we have a group dedicated to help FIND ROBERT FISHER.

DNA Doesn't Lie! But Your Momma Might Have...

Do you have DNA Drama? Are you and N.P.E. Non-Parent Expected, Adoptee, or person of Unknown Parentage? If so, this is the podcast for you. Here, our founder and N.P.E. herself, discusses her journey to find her biological family and talks to others who have been in her shoes. DNA doesn't lie but more times than not, we are finding that Momma did. Join us when we launch - COMING SOON!

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