Get Help Solving Your Case

The amount of cold cases in the United States (as well as the world) is staggering. 

While we in no way dismiss the importance of your case, and the impact it has had on your family and friends, we realistically cannot review every case. For that reason, we will select cases based on need, solvability and resources. 

To request case assistance, please review the guidelines below:

For Individuals

We grant pro-bono (free or complimentary) case assistance to as many families as possible. In order to have your case considered for an investigative fees grant please make a text, photo, or video submission as outlined below.

  1. Please provide as many details as possible. 
  2. You must submit a photo, video or  text entry to have your case entered in the grant contest. 
  3. Once submitted, your entry will be voted on by the general public who will select the top five entries.
  4. Those entries will be reviewed by our Help Solve The Case selection committee to ensure that we are able to adequately assist.

Grant award recipients will be notified at the end of the submission period.

You may enter a PHOTO, VIDEO or TEXT ENTRY.
Please make sure to include all necessary details including the Month, Date, Year, City and State of the incident as well as the person's name.
For Law Enforcement

To submit your case, please Contact Us to arrange a confidential meeting or phone conference to discuss the case. We are available to review cases from agencies across the United States.

We are able to contract with you for grants awarded under the National Institute of  Justice's Solving Cold Cases With DNA Funding program and ask us how to assist you in applying for this grant. Please contact us for more information.

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