Current Advisory Board Members 

Jane Schmaltz, Esq.

Founding member of Schmaltz Law Offices PLLC, Jane specializes in family law and juvenile dependency cases. She is familiar with the nuances of the family court involving dissolution, custody and situations that arise from these proceedings.

Victoria Mikoch, Investigator and Confidential Intermediary 

Vickie is a seasoned investigator specializing in adoption locates via the Arizona Confidential Intermediary program through which she is certified. A founding member of  her agency, A Very Private Eye, Vickie works tirelessly on these hard to locate cases not only looking for information and people but also dealing with the complicated emotional issues that arise.

Guy Dockerill, Instructor 

Guy holds a degree in Criminal Justice and teaches parents and educators about parenting, redirecting children's behavior and court-mandated positive divorce resolution.

Melinda Kilbeck, Design Lead 

Melinda leads the creative team for a Fortune 100 company. She specializes in team building, project management and marketing initiatives including branding, printed and internet media.

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