Certified Cold Case Investigators

Are you an investigator that not only likes to find answers but to give back? If so, you would enjoy being part of our team. We are actively seeking certified cold case investigators across the United States and its territories.

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Christine Burke, Founder

Where do I begin? I guess it comes down to helping other people and believing that there has to be a way...along with a good dose of, "No is not an option!"

This attitude developed during my law enforcement years, being the sole officer out on the road and  having to deal with any situation and figure it out - more often than not, by myself. I got creative with solutions, good at reading people and honed my skills along the way.

As the founder of Help Solve The Case, I really enjoy an opportunity to use my skills and give back...one of the reasons my work has always been so fulfilling for me. It's crazy and frustrating some times, but a lot of fun too!

My passions center around the underdog, be it a victim or family of an unsolved crime, a wrongfully convicted person or an individual that has no idea who or where they come from.

I'd love to have you be a part of Help Solve The Case as a virtual investigator, licensed investigator or work with you as an investigator or expert witness.

Tiffany Saldivar, Investigator

I am Tiffany Saldivar, a licensed investigator working with Help Solve the Case and Strategic Intelligence Services. My journey to this career began as a little girl. I remember my first “What do I want to be when I grow up” report assignment for school. I chose a prosecutor. I wanted to make sure the bad guys went to jail.

As I got older, I realized I preferred to be on the “front lines.” So, I joined a local police department in 2007. I worked the graveyard shift in downtown Phoenix, where the projects are riddled with street gangs and prostitution is a common occurrence. I learned quickly; information is everything in this field. While working as a beat cop, I received commendations for my detailed reporting that helped detectives solve cases and I was recognized for my calm and controlled demeanor in high risk and high stressed situations.

Too soon into my career, I took a step back. I took time to raise my family. As my children got older and began to be more self-reliant, I started to turn back into my true passion. Law. I found myself following along with cold cases and being consumed by them. How the families suffer for lack of answers, closure and even support. For the victims that are left behind, I knew I wanted to help find justice. I know that I can Help Solve the Case. 


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